360° Virtual Farm Tour

Visitors to the Toronto Garlic Festival were able to take a 360-degree virtual reality tour of garlic grower Simon De Boer’s farm, Langside Farms, provided by Capture Scratch. For the 6th Annual Toronto Garlic Festival, Capture Scratch has created a 360-degree live action video of Simon working in his fields during the summer garlic harvest. This virtual reality tour invited visitors to the Toronto Garlic Festival to “witness” a real garlic harvest in the hot sun, bringing festival-goers closer to the garlic growing process via a Samsung Gear VR. The “tour” ran all day during the festival and was enjoyed by garlic lovers visiting from all over the Greater Toronto Area.

Produced by Capture Scratch
Cinematography: Owen Deveney
360 Post Processing and Stitching: Jason Hunter
Editing: Spencer Idenouye

Special Thanks to Peter McClusky and Simon De Boer