Garlic VR Harvest

Visit Simon De Boer’s farm, Langside Farms in VR
Experience a real garlic harvest to learn about the garlic growing process


Take a 360° virtual farm tour


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Owen checks for roll

VR Garlic Harvest


2014 Motion Graphics Showreel


The GTA Am Tour: Courses

Commercial Broadcast


The GTA Am Tour: Competition

Commercial Broadcast


The GTA Am Tour: Camaraderie

Commercial Broadcast


Star Trek At The Bar

Direction | Cinematography | Editing


Santa Game Killer

Direction | Cinematography | Editing


Misleading Trailers

Direction | Cinematography | Editing


Splinter Cell Blacklist

Camera Operation | Staging Assistance


Make a Bike Video

The team at Capture Scratch have done a phenomenal job with the photography and videos throughout the year. It's this kind of great work that sets this tour apart from all others!

Marshall Hoare, GTA AM Tour

There is no doubt that The Tour would not be where it is today without your collective and individual vision for this wonderful community of golfers we have collaboratively created.

Mark Young, GTA AM Tour

Totally cool effects. When did you guys buy a sky crane?!!!

Brad Golden, GTA AM Tour

GREAT job on the video! There were a LOT of people having FUN…Owen, excellent job of interviewing! I was howling at parts of the video! Thank you.

Mark Young, GTA AM Tour